The Pixel Buds Pro make for some complicated feelings on the Android Police Podcast

You can see the steam coming out of our ears

Google is nicely making itself the center of our attention during the dog days of… midsummer. Not only are we all trading notes about the Pixel 6a, but the Pixel Buds Pro are also generating a lot of crosstalk. We cram in an exclusive off-site review of the new beans, burn some of Google’s cookies, and J-cut a few ChromeOS highlights on this week’s Android Police podcast!

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2:13 | Daniel has some words about the Pixel Buds Pro and 6a.

21:36 | Will strolls by some new Play Store policy and some lagging cookie replacement policies. Also, the inevitability of big smartwatches in the next few years.

45:00 | Ara takes us into overtime with some of ChromeOS’s sprucing up.

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Music – “18” and “34” by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0

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