The Best Prime Day Deals on Apple AirPod Alternatives

The Best Prime Day Deals on Apple AirPod Alternatives

Shopping for a new pair of wireless earbuds can make you feel a little like Goldilocks — with so many styles, sizes, and prices to choose from, finding something that works just right can be difficult. Prime Day, Amazon’s annual deals extravaganza, does not make the hunt any easier: After scrolling through an overwhelming amount of deals, you might find it all too easy to settle for the first recognizable earbuds you see.

Among the most distinguishable options are Apple’s AirPods, and you can currently snag the 3rd generation pods for around $ 140 — a solid, though not exceptional, price. You can also find the AirPods Pro for $ 170 to $ 180, depending on the retailer; that matches sale prices we’ve seen in 2022 but is still around $ 10 more than all-time lows. Our experts think you can do better than AirPods, anyway. Here’s why — and what we think you should get instead if you’re looking for a good deal.

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