PUBG update 18.2 will add the new map Deston on July 12

PUBG update 18.2 will add the new map Deston on July 12

PUBG Update 18.2 will arrive on PC versions of the game on July 12 and console versions from July 20 to July 21. The update will bring a new map to the game called Deston, originally codenamed Kiki. Deston will be available as a Feature Map and playable in TPP and FPP. Deston’s available modes may vary by region, though Solo, Duos, and Squads modes should be available to most. The main areas in Deston are Ripton, Swamp, Concert, Hydroelectric Dam, Assembly, and Arena. There are also spaces in Deston that will only be accessible to Drones.

Ripton has a “sparkling city” submerged in water and is where most players will see Deston’s tallest towers. Deston will include two new Map Utility Items – Ascender Attachment and Utility Parachute. Map Utility Items trigger special in-game interactions that allow you to travel through the map. Map Utility Items are automatically placed in players’ Inventory once they enter Deston, and players cannot drop or swap them from Inventory. Utility Items will not affect Inventory weight, occupy their own slot, and can be used as many times as players wish. Ascender Attachment allows players to ascend and descend from structures.

New features that will be part of Deston include Security Keys and Fuel Pumps. Security Keys are items that only spawn in Deston, and players use them to unlock Security Doors. Security Keys are stacked in players’ inventory and are single-use items. Fuel Pumps are located throughout Deston, and players can use them to refuel vehicles. Only the driver can interact with Fuel Pumps, and there is no limit to using the Fuel Pumps. Fuel Pumps can receive damage and, if they lose enough health, will explode.

Deston will also have a new weapon called the 012 plus a new vehicle called the Airboat. The Airboat allows players to travel both land and water, making it easy for players to navigate the Swamp area of ​​Deston. There will also be a Survivor Pass: Deston that players can get to enhance their experience in Deston. The 18.2 Update in PUBG will also patch some things in the game, and improve certain features. This includes improving maps, improving graphics options on console versions of the game, and incorporating a new system called Workshop.

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