Megan Hilty Mourns Death of Sister, Brother-in-Law, + Nephew

Photo: Walter McBride/Getty Images

Smash star Megan Hilty addresses the death of her sister (who was pregnant at the time of death), brother-in-law, and nephew; all three died in a plane crash off the coast of Washington state. Hilty described the “last three days” as “the worst of our lives” on Instagram Wednesday night, alongside addressing some misconceptions from news outlets on the tragedy. “There are truly no words to appropriately convey the depth of our grief. The last thing I wanted to do was acknowledge this painful family tragedy publicly, but it’s come to my attention that several news outlets have misgendered my sweet nephew and some haven’t even mentioned baby Luca,” Hilty stated. She also shared that her sister’s family is survived by their daughter (Hilty’s niece), who was not in the plane crash. “It is important these details be corrected to respectfully honor everyone we’ve lost and the loved ones they’ve left behind.”

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