Just about every surviving Beverly Hills Cop cast member will be back for the Netflix sequel

John Ashton and Judge Reinhold

John Ashton and Judge Reinhold
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images for AFI

Paul Reiser, Judge ReinholdJohn Ashton, and Bronson Pinchot have all confirmed that they’ll be appearing in the upcoming Netflix film Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, Deadline reports. In addition to already-attached star Eddie Murphy, that means that pretty much the entirety of the surviving recurring cast of the 1980s and ’90s mega-hit franchise will be coming back for this 30-years-later sequel. (The main exception being former Detroit cop and politician Gil Hill, who played Alex Foley’s long-suffering boss in each installment of the franchise, and who died in 2016.)

Of the four actors, only Reinhold appeared in all three of them Hills films, appearing in 1984, 1987, and 1994 as Detective Billy Rosewood. Ashton appeared in BHC and BHC II as Billy’s partner, John Taggart, but was forced to miss Beverly Hills Cop 3with a replacement part going to Hector Elizondo, instead. Reiser similarly missed the franchise’s poorly-regarded third installment, after appearing as Foley’s Detroit-based partner, Jeffrey Freidman, in the first two movies. Pinchot, meanwhile, skipped Beverly Hills Cop II, after a career-making turn as snooty art dealer Serge in the first film; he came back for the third movie.

Okay, does everyone have theirs Beverly Hills Cop Acting Universe charts properly filled in now?

Anyway, they’re all back now, along with Murphy himself, slipping back into the fashionable jackets of Axel Foley for the fourth time. And hopefully with more energy than he mustered back in ’94; both Pinchot, and director John Landis, noted at different times how dispirited Murphy seemed to be with the whole endeavor by the time Beverly Hills Cop III rolled around.

Axel Foley has been in the works for a few years now. Netflix snapped up the rights to the sequel back in 2019, with no release date currently set.


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