*Update* Cardi B returned to say that this wasn’t a fight at all. Another angle of the incident shows that she was being carried through the crowd when someone repeatedly attempted to grab her microphone. Check out the videos below.

Original Story:

We’re not sure what or who is putting the batteries in the backs of fans these days, but an encounter involving Cardi has caused conversations to erupt about handsy fans. The Bronx rapper is known for her fiery personality and interaction with her supporters. However, one person looked as if they crossed the line while Cardi was on stage performing in London.

There has been an influx of fans (and haters) who have rushed stages in recent months. We’ve seen the after-effects of these encounters with people like Roddy Ricch, Dave Chappelle, Playboi Carti, Slipknot, Oliver Tree, BeatKing, and more.

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Several of our favorites are taking to the Wireless Festival stage including Cardi who had the crowd singing along to her hits. There was one moment when the rapper was sitting down as the DJ was hyping the crowd when something occurred right below her. The altercation caused Cardi to fight back and she was captured hitting someone with her microphone before the large screens went black. What immediately followed is unknown and Cardi has yet to speak on the incident.

This comes on the heels of someone rushing Roddy Ricch at a concert in Switzerland, causing his security to take the person down. In that video, viewers can see Roddy getting a few kicks in before the person was escorted off of the stage.

Check out the moment with Cardi B below.