Trump calls Musk a ‘bullsh — t artist’ amid Twitter deal fallout

According to Trump, Musk told the former president that he voted for him in 2016, which, if true, seemingly contradicts statements Musk made earlier this year on Twitter. In a tweet in JuneMusk said when he voted for Texas congressional candidate Mayra Flores, it was the first time he’d ever voted for a Republican.

“He said the other day, ‘Oh, I’ve never voted for a Republican,’ and I said, ‘I didn’t know that, you told me you voted for me,'” Trump said at the rally. “So he’s another bullsh — t artist.”

Trump’s barb at Musk isn’t extremely surprising given that Musk said he would support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – who many see as Trump’s biggest 2024 rival – for president. But it is mildly surprising given Musk’s pledge to re-activate Trump’s Twitter account after he completed his purchase of the platform, and because many members of Trump’s party rejoiced when Musk announced his apparent transition from Democrat to Republican (which may not be genuine, as many online users speculated Musk’s pandering to conservatives was a way to get out in front of a Business Insider investigation, which alleged Musk exposed his penis to a flight attendant and offered to buy her a horse in exchange for an erotic massage).

Trump’s remarks at the Alaska rally came just a day after Musk announced that he was backing out of his deal to buy Twitter, saying the company had breached “multiple” provisions of an agreement the two parties drew up in April. Musk purchased 9% of Twitter’s shares earlier that month, and the company later agreed to sell him the rest for roughly $ 44 billion. Trump took the news as an opportunity to promote his social media company, Truth Social, which he created as an alterative to Twitter after his account was suspended following the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

“He’s not going to be buying [Twitter], although he might later, who the hell knows what’s going to happen. He’s got a pretty rotten contract, I looked at his contract, [it’s] not a good contract, “Trump said.” Sign up for Truth, we love the truth and it’s doing good. “

Musk, who is very active on Twitter, has yet to publicly respond to Trump’s remarks.

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